Come to the olive harvest and learn everything about olive oil!

*2017 programmed activity: December 6th 

Every November and December come for a truly unique experience. Farmer’s breakfast, traditional olive harvest, olive oil tastings, local cuisine, guided visits and much more.


In the beautiful town of La Granadella, in Les Garrigues (Catalonia’s southern olive oil country), we start at 10am by enjoying an outdoor farmer’s breakfast, complete with toasted bread, fresh extra virgin olive oil and grilled sausage.


After breakfast, we’ll go to the olive farm to experience the whole process of traditional olive harvesting by literally combing the olive tree branches. It seems easy, but team coordination is very important to be successful!

olive-harvest        img_1544

After the harvest, we step into the Centre de la Cultura de Catalunya where we’ll learn how to taste an olive oil and how to differentiate a good extra virgin olive oil from the rest. Did you know that olive oil comes in textures too? We’ll try those too!

olive-oil-tasting          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It is time for a local-cuisine-based lunch in which the “Cassola de tros” and local wine are the stars. This is a traditional hearty casserole-type dish made mainly of pork meat, spinach and potatoes and a sofrito base. Local farmers made this at the olive grove during harvest. Because harvesting was mainly a family and neighbors’ job, everyone brought what they had available at that time and put it all together. It could be game from hunting, pork, leftovers from the summer garden, etc. This dish is a symbol of the local use of limited resources and a lot of imagination. Local restaurants have updated this recipe to make it a bit lighter but as delicious as always. A fantastic local DO Costers del Segre red wine is the best companion for this dish.

local-cuisine-lunch        Cassola de tros

After lunch, it’s time to bring the olives to the mill. We’ll weight them to see how successful the harvest was and we’ll observe the whole elaboration process through which healthy olives become the golden liquid called extra virgin olive oil.

img_1651          _DSC8431

Before departing, a must-see visit to the Museu de l’Oli de Catalunya. Recently inaugurated, the mill’s old machinery and location has converted into a fun and interesting tool to explain how the olive oil industry has changed throughout the past 100 years.

olive-oil-museum   Museu de l'Oli de Catalunya


Prices (VAT included)

Adults: 37€/person

Children under 12: 15€/child


*This programmed activity requires a minimum of 10 adults and a maximum of 20. To enquire about private groups, please send us a mail at